Winter in the West: Maria Petersson

Norwegian surfer Maria Petersson talks about coldwater surfing.

Worth a Watch: Girls of Surfing Video

A compilation of the best bits of surfing from your fave surfers.

Inspiration: Surf Girls Jamaica

An inspiring surfer uses surfing to transform Jamaican women’s lives.

Bethany Hamilton At Teahupo’o

Bethany surfs the ‘Wall of Skulls’ in her own way. Epic stuff.

100% Shred – Steph Rips in South Africa

Stephanie Gilmore absolutely kills it in this video, 100% shredding.

Classic Surf Movie Night

We love a good movie so embrace some sofa time with these 10 epic surf movies.

Hypnotic Plunge with Steph

Stephanie Gilmore rides the waves in a dream like existence.

Reef Cuts, Monkeys and Barrels

New vid featuring Rip Curl crew Bethany, Alana and Nikki.

Kelly Says: The Maldives Ep 7

The Kelly Says Surf girls are back for more surfing japes!

A Lunar Cycle with Easkey Britton

Easkey fuses cold water surfing, dance and poetry in her latest film.

Welcome to the show

16 year old Caroline Marks shares line up time with Carissa Moore.


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