Winter in the West: Maria Petersson

Norwegian surfer Maria Petersson talks about coldwater surfing.

Worth a Watch: Girls of Surfing Video

A compilation of the best bits of surfing from your fave surfers.

Inspiration: Surf Girls Jamaica

An inspiring surfer uses surfing to transform Jamaican women’s lives.

Bethany Hamilton At Teahupo’o

Bethany surfs the ‘Wall of Skulls’ in her own way. Epic stuff.

100% Shred – Steph Rips in South Africa

Stephanie Gilmore absolutely kills it in this video, 100% shredding.

Classic Surf Movie Night

We love a good movie so embrace some sofa time with these 10 epic surf movies.

Hypnotic Plunge with Steph

Stephanie Gilmore rides the waves in a dream like existence.

Reef Cuts, Monkeys and Barrels

New vid featuring Rip Curl crew Bethany, Alana and Nikki.

Kelly Says: The Maldives Ep 7

The Kelly Says Surf girls are back for more surfing japes!

A Lunar Cycle with Easkey Britton

Easkey fuses cold water surfing, dance and poetry in her latest film.


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