SurfGirl Meets: Kathryn Chalk

Meet budding weather presenter, Kat who’s started her own surf forecast site.

How to find your happy place

Turn things around and make a bad day good. Here’s how.

SurfGirl Meets: Megan Hemsworth

Megan is a surf and fashion photographer. Check out her style.

All I Want For Christmas Is…

Chocolate! And we want the yummy ethical, vegan and organic kind this year.

Roxy x Keep a Breast Awareness

Roxy have joined forces with Keep A Breast to raise breast cancer awareness.

SurfGirl Meets: Bree Brooks

Meet artist Bree, who travels the world painting amazing surf art.

Classic Surf Movie Night

We love a good movie so embrace some sofa time with these 10 epic surf movies.

SurfGirl Meets Nicole Gormley

Meet Nicole, surfer, film maker and TV producer from California.

SurfGirl Meets: Ming Hui Brown

Free surfer and Californian State Lifeguard talks equality and wave riding.

Eco Crisis: Drowning in Plastic

The devastating reality of plastic pollution and the solution to the problem.


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