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Chest Zip The Gul Response FX takes technical design and neoprene development further, by becoming an advanced 5/4mm chest zip (also available in back zip). It features Gul’s X FLEX and FX LITE neoprene, making for a super-stretchy and flexible wetsuit. G-TAPE internal tape ensures a durable and tough suit. The RESPONSE FX is a great wetsuit for all surfers, for its comfortable fit, super stretchy feel, and thermal protection.

5/4mm, £180

The Gul Viper is designed to provide ultimate warmth and performance. Pre-stretched neoprene gives maximum stretch across your arms and chest. Revo fit pattern technology has enabled the Viper to fit perfectly. The silky smooth FX LITE neoprene is tailored across the lower half of the Viper. Completely inner-taped with our Gul Lava Flow tape, ensuring a tough waterproof seam, which works perfectly with our durable BoltDry X thermal lining.

5/4mm, £250 Also available in 4/3mm and 3/2mm