Words and Video by Lucy Foster Perkins

Our physical yoga practice (the one you get in yoga studios) was originally created as part of a whole system to help to still the mind, but it has huge physical as well.  To surf it helps to have both a present and calm mind as well as a strong and open body. It’s no wonder yoga and surfing are a match made in heaven!

This class focuses more on the upper body. In yoga we often refer to this as the heart space. Opening up this area is not only important for our paddle power, but it’s often an area that gets really tight as so many of us spend our days slouched over a computer or driving.  The class also works out balance – great for developing our awareness in space and our ability to keep a relaxed yet engaged body when things get a little more tricky. 

Hints and Tips

  • With a regular yoga practice you’ll begin to see the more subtle shifts in your body, mind and your life.  The lessons we learn on our mat help us to navigate our lives with more ease and freedom. Enjoy!