We are profiling all kinds board riding and asking a series of water lovers from across the globe, what do you ride?

Here’s what these women of the waves had to say.

Danielle Black Lyons, Oceanside, CA

Danielle, what board do you ride?
I have five longboards in my quiver, some are classic single fins, and some are performance boards.

My go-to board right now is a Stewart CMP. It’s a performance longboard, hand shaped by Bill Stewart with a 2+1 fin setup. I love how easy it is to manoeuvre. It’s a great all around board for the breaks on the west coast. I have been riding Stewart boards for 15 years, and the CMP is his best work in my opinion. I am guaranteed a fun session on this board!


What is it about longboarding that you love?
I love the style of longboarding; it’s grace and power combined which I feel embodies the surfer I am as well. I like cross stepping just as much as carving. Longboarding allows for both. 

Photo credit Ryan Szot Photography (@rszot)

Tina Beresford, Newquay, UK

Tina, what board do you ride?
Sunova Sup – Flash model

Why do you enjoy surfing your SUP board? 
I love being in the sea, being completely immersed in that moment. Only thinking about the waves, I want to catch and leaving any stresses back on land. When you surf on a Sup, you can catch waves in nearly all conditions. Plus usually longer waves and more of them. It’s a way of surfing that uses your whole body, and I think the progression can be quicker as you have more time on your feet to ride waves.

Rachel Murphy, Newquay Cornwall

Rachel, what board do you ride?
The Turbo ‘Jerry’ – Bodyboard

What is it about this board that you love so much?
It fits in the car, and I don’t get charged surfboard fee’s, it just fits nicely in oversized luggage! The best thing about riding a bodyboard is that you don’t need to have three different surfboards to suit the conditions, you need one bodyboard which you can surf almost anything, and it handles everything. I’ve got way more confidence on a bodyboard than on a surfboard, so it means I surf when it’s bigger, suckier and high tide wedges.

My actual board has travelled around the world with me, and I’ve caught some of my best waves with it. It’s completely had its day and is ridiculously creased, but I can’t help but pick it up each time I go for a surf! I’ll get a new board one day. Just need to learn to let ‘Jerry’ go.

Virginia Marchi, Thailand (but I’m Italian)

Virginia, what board do you ride and why?
I ride 7″2 Corky Carrol Mini Mal by Robert August.

What is it about this board that you love so much?
I’m in love with this board because it has a lot of volumes and gives me great fun on big waves and small waves. It’s very easy to manoeuvre; it’s light. With this kind of board, it’s easy to improve your skills day by day.

Sally McGee, Tynemouth, North East England

Sally, what board do you ride?
7ft Chris Jones Single Fin

Why do you love this board?
I ride a few different boards, single fins, twin fins, a 9,6 longboard, high-performance shortboards have never really interested me as I’m not that kind of surfer. A board I’ve recently fallen back in love with is my 7ft Chris Jones Single Fin. It’s been in my quiver for years but often got neglected; it’s affectionately known in our house as ‘Big Red’. It’s 7’0 x 20 3/4 x 3, rounded pin egg; it’s a weird shape, I’ve never seen another board like it. It’s fun when the beach is small, its great on clean smaller reef breaks and it helped to get my wave count up and therefore my stoke up after having a baby. As winter has kicked in, I’ve been taking Big Red out on bigger days, and I’m yet to find its limits. I’m currently in New Zealand surfing great point breaks and didn’t bring it, but I got a 6’6 single fin shaped by my friend and shaper K&K; it goes well in bigger surf, but I’ve been stealing my husbands 5’8 twin fin fish for the left-hand points. Big Red has a special place in my heart; it never fails to put a smile on my face.