By Corinne Evans. 

Here’s some things we have learnt along the way to hopefully give your surfing the confidence boost it may need.

We love wipeouts!

Wipeouts are a much a part of surfing as waxing up your surfboard, so embrace them! We all have them and even even the pro surfers fall off from time to time. There isn’t any need to feel self conscious if you fall off in front of people. Just grab your board and get back out there! If you’re not falling off, you’re not trying hard enough!

Stop with the bad vibes!

Learning to surf and improving your surfing should be fun! Stop with the negative vibes and see surfing for the amazing fun sport that it is. Don’t take it too seriously, you will progress a lot quicker if you stop stressing and smile a little more. Surfing is a hard sport to master and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel like you’re progressing quick enough. Enjoy the waves and let yourself progress at your own pace. If you’re negative about your surfing you will damage your own confidence, which just doesn’t make sense.

What insecurities?

We have lost count of how many times we have heard the question – do I look fat in my wetsuit? Seriously?! We all look like walking seals in wetsuits and that’s ok, it’s part of the sport. Without wetsuits (if you’re a cold water surfer) you’d freeze. Don’t waste your time worrying about what people will think you look like, just get your wetsuit on and hit the surf.

Share the stoke

There is such a wonderful sisterhood / brotherhood and family connection within surfing and we love nothing more than seeing people share the stoke in the surf. If you mate has a good wave, cheer them on, everyone loves a little confidence boost from time to time and what better than to complement someones surfing.

Challenge yourself

Make a list of the things that scare you the most about surfing. It can be surfing by yourself, trying a new wave or paddling out the back. Make there visible so you can see when every time you go surfing. Start to tick them off one by one. Push yourself to reach your goals and turn those daunting tasks in to confidence boosting achievements.

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Top photo courtesy Checkered Photography, all other photos courtesy Ben Jones.