Surfing by yourself can feel like a pretty daunting prospect and if you haven’t been brave enough to hit the waves without your friends then this article may inspire you to grab your board and get out there, without any moral support.

We know how scary it can feel driving up to your local beach and watching the waves roll in without a surf buddy to get you motivated. Often the worry that you will make a fool out of yourself, get hurt or find yourself I someone’s way can make you want to retreat back to the comfort of your home, without even dipping your toe I the surf. You may feel like you’re alone in your fear of surfing by yourself but trust us you’re not. We have all been there and we know how frustrating it can be but fear not ladies we hear to tell you it’s ok to be scared about surfing by yourself but that it’s time to irradiate those fears and hit the waves for a solo surf.

We have compiled our guide to solo surfing and have shared some of our personal hints and tips to make breaking out of your comfort zone a little easier.

Surf somewhere you know

If you’re absolutely terrified of surfing by yourself then make sure the first place you pick to surf alone is somewhere you know; your local beach or your favourite wave to surf. By doing this you will feel more relaxed about knowing that you’re familiar with the wave and how it breaks.

Arrive with someone but surf separately

If you plan to surf a large beach with a north and south end why not arrive with a friend but surf apart?
This can be a great way to get in the surf as you’ll have the added motivation of someone else with you but you will essentially be conquering your fear of surfing alone. This also may give your more comfortable knowing that a friendly face is just down the beach.

Get suited up before you go

If you don’t have far to travel why not get in your wetsuit before you leave the house?
This will mean you can avoid any embarrassment that you may feel about getting changed in public and means you can simply pull up, wax up and get out there!

Treat yourself

Buy your favourite cake before you hit the surf, so when you get out the waves your brave efforts can be rewarded. Whatever treat it is, a bottle of wine at home, a new pair of wetsuit boots. No matter how big or small the reward surfing alone for the first time and overcoming a major fear deserves celebrating so treat yourself, you deserve it.

You’re not a KOOK

Feeling self-conscious in the water is really common and people often feel that they are being watched or judged when in the surf. This simply isn’t the case. When we’re in the water all we’re really thinking about is, when is the next wave going coming through. Everyone is so focused on his or her own surfing that they won’t even give you a second thought.

Falling off is ok

We all fall off waves from time to time or hesitate on going for bigger, steeper drops and it’s fine to do so! Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t go for every set wave, just try and go for at least one! Surfing is a sport that takes time to master and confidence has to be built up gradually.

Words: Corinne Evans