Volcom is proud to announce the release of a unique collection from Australian surfer, musician, artist, and all around radical human, Ozzie Wright (not to be confused with Ozzy Wrong, his artist alias name). From the mind of Ozzie comes this colorful call-to-arms range of clothing. The anti-fascist statement and artwork has been deconstructed and repurposed, giving the entire capsule a playful punk spin on a meaningful piece of propaganda: Shoot Rainbows Into Fascism!
The collection includes classic Ozzie artwork printed on premium products that range from trunks, t-shirts, jackets, hats, and socks, all featuring Ozzie’s signature Cat Face and Rainbows with messages like “Shoot Rainbows Into Fascism.” A team rider for more than 25 years, Ozzie’s unrestrained creative output has produced heaps of original awesomeness for Volcom. From his surfing to his songwriting to his art, Ozzie brings a DIY approach, Aussie attitude, and infused energy to everything he touches.

I started painting to try and bring happiness and keep the bad vibes away, it’s nice to do positive artwork.


And that positivity is on full display in the Ozzie Wright Shoot Rainbows Collection. Check it all out at Volcom retailers and online at volcom.com.

To celebrate the release of the collection, Volcom is also happy to announce the official Shoot Rainbows party in London on March 14th at the TT Liquor venue. Details here.