Want to swop the whitewater for green waves without bottling it? Increase your confidence and learn how to surf green waves on the SurfGirl Workshop: Progression Session on 27th April. 

This course will improve your confidence and skill at surfing. Lead by SurfGirl Assistant Editor and surf coach Corinne Evans, during this Progression Session Workshop you will get lots of great advice from our surfing experts including experienced surf coach Dom Kent. Through motivational talks with the coaches and a surf lesson you will learn how to  paddle out back, be confident in green waves and hold your own in the line up.

Below: Corrine Evans Photo: Megan Hemsworth

Surf Better on our SurfGirl Workshop: Progression Session on 27th April, 8.30am-3pm.

There will be motivational talks and a surf Q&A with our surf experts. You will also take part in a 2.5 hour surf lesson to put your new knowledge into practise with our top team of female surf instructors. And after the workshop if you’re feeling energetic enjoy a free surf under the watchful eye our lovely lifeguard qualified surfer Verity Curran. 

SurfGirl Workshop: Progression Session Aims
•  Removing fear and learn to love surfing.
• Wave knowledge and surf forecasting.
• Advice on duck diving and powering out back.
• How to position yourself and take off correctly. 
• Check out surf gear, from surfboards to wetsuits.
• Surfing Q&A with Corinne.
• Motivational and confidence building talks. 




Above: Dominique Kent in action

There will be plenty going on at the workshop, so don’t feel intimidated if you’re thinking of coming on your own, as it’s the perfect place to meet friendly like-minded surf girls! All participants will take away a SurfGirl goodie bag containing products to help you on your surfing journey. Including The Body Shop bath range for post surf R&R, Suntribe natural zinc sunscreen to protect your face on the day, Ombar chocolate for a delicious organic afternoon treat, a healthy bite from Bounce to keep energy levels up plus Moa Magic Organic Apothecary balm to soothe any dry lips and skin. 

This workshop is not aimed at complete beginner surfers and you need to be able to:  surf unaided, pop up on whitewater waves, surf along the whitewater, comfortable paddling out the back with our instructors. If in doubt about whether it’s for you or not just email Corinne@orcasurf.co.uk

Corinne is a surfer, writer and more recently became a mother. Calling home the surfing capital of the UK, Newquay in Cornwall, she is a model, event coordinator, public speaker, founder of Corinne’s Surf Tour and Assistant Editor at SurfGirl Magazine. Passionate about equality in surfing, Corinne has spent her time in the surfing limelight empowering women to take up surfing, while sharing her own experiences and hints and tips in the magazine.

Dominique Kent
Part of the famous Aggie surfing clan, Dom has coached everyone from groms to mums wanting to get back into surfing. She’s travelled the world surfing since her teens and has racked up contest medals too being British Masters Champ, as well as four times British Longboard Champ. Nowadays Dom runs her Pure Blue Surf Academy at Porthtowan and is often found bossing the lineup around many of the surrounding Cornish beaches.

Join us for a fun and inspiring event, The SurfGirl Workshop: Progression Session costs £65. Needless to say you will need to get your tickets early, so book up here:

We’re also running a Surf Fitness Workshop on 18th May in Newquay, more details to follow.