Should you get surf lessons?

If you haven’t tried surfing before we’re sure there’s a few of you out there eager to give surfing a go.  Maybe it’s been something you’ve wanted to do for years but have put it off until now, or maybe you’re just having one of those time in your life where you feel the urge to learn a new skill and surfing is top of your list, whatever your reason for wanting to learn how to surf you’re bound to be asking the question: do I need to book surf lessons? 

It’s a pretty important question to ask yourself before venturing out and getting a few lessons booked in before you venture out into the ocean to try surfing for the first time is in our opinion always a good idea. And also if you’ve had a break and want to improve your surfing ability it’s always good to refresh your skills. So if you’re asking the questions why then read our reasons why you should have a surf lesson:

1. You will learn how to stay safe in the water.

2. You will learn about how waves are formed, the different types of waves and what do to if you get stuck in a rip current.

3. Your surf coach will take you through all the basics, from how to carry a surfboard, how to avoid injury, what to do if you get into difficulty. All the really important stuff you won’t learn if you’re not taught.

4. They will take you in the safest conditions for your first lesson, avoiding the beaches that have bigger waves or keeping you to the safest part of the beach.

Surfing can be a pretty dangerous sport to master and one that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. If you’re wanting to learn to surf but don’t fancy lessons they why not heading out with someone who can teach you the basics. Hire a foam surfboard and wetsuit from your local surf shop and let a friend take you through the basics. However, most of us prefer to take advice from those we don’t know and this is often the case with surfing. Also, a surf coach will know the correct way to teach surfing and will get you excited to get in the surf for the first time. Having a surf lesson will also fast track your surfing development quicker with a qualified coach. 

Hints and Tips For New Surfers:

Don’t expect to stand up the first time.
A lot of people go into their first surf lessons expecting to be able to stand up straight away and shredding the green waves out back. After your first attempt at padding into a whitewater wave, you will soon realise it’s not an easy sport to master and may take a few lessons or attempts to get to your feelings and ride the waves. Don’t get downhearted, dust yourself down and carry on.

Be prepared to laugh A LOT.
Surfing is probably one of the hardest things to learn, so don’t take it too seriously, learn to laugh at your mistakes!

Don’t be scared.
We all know that surfing can be a little intimidating a times but the worst thing you can do is enter into it scared. Leave your fears on the beach and enjoy the waves. It’s meant to be a fun sport after all.

Try learning with a friend.
If you know someone else who wants to learn to surf then bring them along with you. Book a double lesson and learn a new skill together. Learning to surf together will have you in fits of laughter.



If you live in the UK then sign up to our Progression Session Workshop. It’s aimed at intermediate surfers who would like to learn to surf or be more confident surfing green waves. 

If you’ve got the bug then check out these surf camps and learn with like minded women. There’s something for every ability from beginner to intermediate surfer. Give it a go!