With the cold weather digging in, we’re thinking about pleasant things and NOT the dark and cold outside. So we’ve compiled a Lust List to stay motivated during these chilly months.

Photo: Isaacs Johnston

Photo: Moners

Log Cabins
Number one on our Lust List has to be log cabins in the middle of pine filled forests. who wouldn’t love to be in a traditional log cabin with a wood burner this time of year? In sparkling snowy wildernesses from Lapland to Canada we checked out some gorgeous traditional and contemporary cabins on Instagram to lust over.

Photo: Wilks

Photo: Pjotrsobczak

Baking is one of our fave things to do on a stormy weekend. Here’s some cakes to inspire us to bake for winter, they’re sure to put a smile on anyone’s face despite the weather. For tasty healthy treats get a copy of our Good Vibes Cookbook. 
Photos: from the SurfGirl Pinterest Food Board

Tropical Surf
Looking at pictures of hot tropical surf destinations is another pastime during winter. The bluer the water the better! For travel inspo go to our 2019 Winter Sun & Surf Travel Guide.

Snow Picnics
Make some warming mulled wine or hot chocolate and wrap up and get outside for a snow picnic. Needs to be done! Snow is very unpredictable by the coast but we DID have snow last year so maybe it will again. Fingers crossed!
Photos: from the SurfGirl Pinterest Winter Board

Crafting is a fave of ours when we’ve got the time to do it. So this time of year with the long, dark evenings is perfect to make a macrame plant holder or dream catcher, and even spruce up an old board with colourful pens
Photos from the SurfGirl Pinterest Get Crafty Board

Beach walks and cold water surfs
We’ve had a surprisingly mild winter so far which has been great. So on our Lust List is beaches as winter is a great time to go and explore, especially ones other than your local beach. The best thing about winter is you don’t have to que for the car parks which are cheap or free, the surf isn’t so crowded (during the week anyway!), if you’re in Cornwall there’s still pasties left after your surf (as they’ve usually always run out) and you can (almost) have the beach to yourself. Happy days!

Sitting down with a good book is last but not least on the Lust List. Now the busy Christmas and New Years festive period is over, it’s time to get through a pile of a few good books and start ticking them off.
Happy reading!

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