Roxy’s snow team is legendary and it turns out most of them surf too. We caught up with top snowboarder Torah Bright and backcountry trailblazer Robin Van Gyn to talk about snowboarding, surfing and films .

Torah Bright – Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist

A snow-lover since birth, Torah was skiing at age two, and by 11 she had broken into the snowboarding scene. Torah went on to become the first and only person in the world to qualify and compete in three snowboard events at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, taking home a silver medal in half pipe in the process.

Torah, in Australia it’s more common to go down the surf path, what led you to snowboarding?
I grew up at the base of Australia’s Snowy Mountains – a great place to get into snow sports. My father was a keen skier; he taught my mum to ski and it was a natural thing for all five of us kids to get on snow as soon as we could walk. I started skiing when I was about two and fell in love with it. I switched to snowboarding when I was 11 and never looked back!

Having won so many medals, what drives you to keep striving for more?
It’s about always reinventing myself and my passions. For the 2014 Olympics I set the goal of qualifying for all three snowboard events, because I felt by challenging myself and doing something no-one had done – or maybe ever will do again – was one of the best things I could do to keep my stoke alive for snowboarding. I came away with a little bit of history, good results and my second Olympic medal.

Where do you see the sport going for women?
The boundaries are being broken down every year and the possibilities are endless. If we had no pre-conceived ideas about what was possible and what was not and instead asked ourselves, “what else is possible?” …well who knows what is possible!

Where do you like to surf?
Anywhere the water is warm! I love Fiji.

What’s your top tip for getting good at snowboarding?
The more you do it, the better you get. Get a lesson to get you going, or if you feel like you get stuck and aren’t progressing anymore.

What song gets you amped for the snow?
Oh it changes from day to day. Right now, it’s actually The Greatest Showman soundtrack!

Robin Van Gyn – Backcountry Trailblazer

Robin Van Gyn is a devoted backcountry trailblazer on North and South America’s steepest peaks. She’s a regular in the backcountry and typically can be found dropping cliffs, pillow lines, and spinning off kickers – exploits often documented in magazines and films. Robin has always involved herself in passion projects within the film world.

Robin, what has snowboarding taught you over the years?

That there is so much to see out in this big world.

How did you get into films?
Just putting yourself out there are being around the right people is important. I knew who I needed to impress to get noticed and for opportunities, it just pays to pay attention to who is making films and take 1000 no’s without taking it personally, stay grinding.

Your films have a popular following, how have they helped you reach out to other women who snowboard?
For me, when I watched other women in films it really inspired me to try to be like them and do what they were doing. It’s so important to have role models so you can see what the possibilities are. I hope that I am doing this for the snowboarders out there also, that’s all I can hope for.

Where’s the best place you’ve snowboarded?
The best place in the world to me is right at home in British Columbia. I have traveled a lot for snowboarding and there is nowhere in my books that compares.

Where do you see the sport going for women?
I hope that we see more women in the backcountry soon, I would love to mentor someone to do that.

Do you surf and if so where are your favourite breaks?

I do surf and I actually spent my whole summer on Vancouver Island in Ucluelet. My favourite break is Pavones in Costa Rica.

Describe your life in five words
Wild hair, alive, out there!

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