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Sofa to Surf: Run for Surf Fitness

Sofa to Surf: Run for Surf Fitness

Okay, love and running (understandably) aren’t two words often used in the same sentence! Images of getting caught in a down pour, freezing breath and dying at the top of that big hill that you’d forgotten existed come flooding back as you start to tie up your laces… Making you swiftly pop your trainers back under the stairs and reach for your yoga mat instead.

I used to run competitively so it was daily hurtling around a track, rain or shine or hail. Unfortunately It was all too much for my feet so I had to stop, however I still love getting out and about in my trainers. There really is something about the sense of freedom, observing the surroundings and the time to yourself. So I thought I’d share with you all a few ways to help make running more enjoyable!

Go on a mini adventure

Run and see a different park, explore a new part of coast path, or take every other left turn. Its one of my favourite ways to explore a new place when I’m traveling… Just please make sure you can find your way back and aren’t going anywhere that could be dangerous


Pull together a play list of your fave songs- the cheesier the better, does it make you want to sing/ dance along? Perfect.

Bare foot on the beach

Pure freedom. Avoid running on the soft sand though as it can cause injuries.

Only got 15 mins?

Even if its not a long one its still getting feel good endorphins going! I can guarantee you’ll never say- I really regret getting out the house and getting 15 minutes of fresh air!


Its always going to be more enjoyable if you can breath properly! Take a little time to find a breathing pattern that works best for you – for me its in for two strides, out for two strides.

With a friend

Pull together a play list of your fave songs- the cheesier the better, does it make you want to sing/ dance along? Perfect.

Interval or hill running

Try running as fast as you can keep up for about 200m (or roughly 40 secs), jog back steadily to catch your breath then go again at the bottom. Try to aim for 10 reps. This makes for a really good HIIT to rev up your metabolism for the day! Be sure to give your calfs and Achilles a good warm up and cool-down if your hitting the hills.

New years resolutions probably came and went but now that its warm and the sky’s are (sometimes) blue, getting the courage to get outside is way easier! However you need a little bit more motivation here are a few facts;

Weight loss

Running is proven the quickest way to burn calories – amongst skipping, swimming and Taekwando!

Boost confidence

Not just body confidence but reaching goals gives a massive sense of improvement and empowerment.

Stress/depression relief

A little time to yourself whilst getting those mood boosting endorphins pumping around the body. Its also proven to make you more productive.

Improved sleep patterns

Give it a try if you finding it hard to get enough zzzz’s

Good to know…

Once you’ve been exercising for 15 – 20 minutes, your body has made the shift from predominantly burning carbs to using a higher percentage of fat as fuel.

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