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Sofa to Surf: Spring into Spring

Sofa to Surf: Spring into Spring

We’re loving the longer evenings and warmer weather now spring’s here, it makes us feel more like getting up and out, eating healthier and trying new things.


We all need those work outs that take hardly any time, get the blood pumping and keep us feeling fit and active during the flat spells – which we are currently experiencing here in Europe. Here’s our Sofa to Surf 20 minute Surf HIIT Workout, suitable for anyone, to do anywhere. So next time the surf goes flat or you can’t get to the waves because grown up life is getting in the way, pop this video on and get fit for the surf.

Switch up your workouts

Go with the changing seasons, and switch up your workouts. Jump on your bike and cycle to work in the morning, go for a walk on your lunch break and try some new clubs in the evening.

Eat Fresh

Switch the pies and stodgy food for light salads, smoothies and BBQ’s. Healthy food boosts your mood so you’ll be left feeling happier and healthier. Swop your stodgy sandwiches for this tasty salad.


During the summer months we all need to up our water in take. Making sure you stay hydrated will not only give you more energy out of the surf but it will also keep you riding the waves for longer. Make sure you don’t use a single use plastic bottle take a reusable cup with you like one of SurfGirl’s Keep Cup range. Check them out here.

Refresh your workout kit

This may sound a little silly but treating yourself to some new workout threads will make getting active all the more enjoyable. Take a look at Roxy’s fab new #ROXYfitness range here.


Go sea swimming on the flat days or hit your local pool. Swimming is amazing cardio and will also help build up your paddle fitness. There’s tips on swimming for surf fitness in The Surf Girl Guide To Surf Fitness here. 

Give the #ROXYFitness Event a go

Join a #ROXYFitness event near you this summer. With its uniquely refreshing cocktail of RUNNING, YOGA and STAND UP PADDLE, #ROXYFitness is the active & fun fitness event concept so give it a try!

Since its inception more than 26,000 girls have already taken part in #ROXYFITNESS, and with 25 worldwide events on the agenda for 2017, there’s no reason why you can’t give it a go. Here in Europe, June 25th marks the kick-off of the #ROXYFITNESS tour, down in sunny Marseille. For more info, click here.

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