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Sofa to Surf: Instagram Take Over

Sofa to Surf: Instagram Take Over

Surfing is an incredible sport in that in combines the need for aerobic fitness and endurance, balance and coordination, strength, explosive power and flexibility. 

Sophie Everard has created a tailored workout just for you surf girls. Give it a go!

I live and work for my passions, I am a writer, sports coach and also manage my own platform, the Mad To Live Blog and run women’s surf, fitness and adventure retreats, Mad To Live Retreats.  I have lived around the world including Greece, Portugal, the UK, France & Costa Rica, chasing my passions and love of the outdoors and action sports.

I started the Mad To Live Blog ( in 2015, I wanted to create a portal that shared all my different passions and pursuits that I work across including writing, surfing, travel, fitness, collaborations and creative projects. I also wanted to share my ethos of how incredible it feels to live a life of adventure rooted in sport, specifically surfing, creativity, and how rewarding it is to stoke your brains out! I then established Mad To Live Retreats to combine this ethos with my passion for teaching fitness and sharing with women, in a safe, and amazing place, this way of life, teaching them new skills including surfing which I believe gives you SO much, including the physical & psychological benefits, the awesomeness of connecting with nature. 


Shred Ready: Surf Fit is a tailored workout I created specifically for surfers to have a  better understanding of the different surfing movements including pop ups and more, and the muscle groups and energy systems that are behind them.  You can improve your dynamic surfing dramatically and equally, in times when you don’t have access to surf or in flat periods, maintain your training to stay surf-ready.  Surfing is an incredible sport in that in combines the need for aerobic fitness and endurance, balance and coordination, strength, explosive power and flexibility. 

 Also, developing your body awareness and proprioception (the bodies ability to know what it is doing in space without having to look) can be trained on land.   The below is a workout you can carry out from your own house, without equipment, or on the gym or even the beach! The ORDER OF EXERCISES MEANS YOU GO FROM PRONE ON THE BOARD TO GRADUALLY STANDING.

Warm Up

Have a 5 minute warm up: skipping on the spot (no rope), jumping jacks, sprint, squats and walking lunges, inch worms, to get the muscles and joints ready and body warm.    Carry out each exercise for 30 seconds, before having a 30 second rest (increase to 45 seconds exercise if high level of fitness), followed by a one minute rest on completion.  Complete 2 more times.

Frog Pump

A frog pump teaches you how to extend through the hip  using the glutes rather than the lower back which can lead to injury.  The position gives you no choice but to use those muscles (the glutes), teaching you how to engage this muscle.

Lie with your back against the floor, knees open with the soles of the feet pressed together.  Raise the glutes, and raise and lower quickly, squeezing the glutes to engage.  

Regressed push-up

This is a push up with hands on raised surface: you can use a bench, chair, bed, sofa…

Elevating you hands is less mechanical work, but you’re keeping the same biomechanics of the press-up movement, whereas if you drop the knees as an easier modification, you don’t require as much core stability, which is critical for surfing.

Start in a normal push up position, with your hands on a raised surface.  Lower down and press up.

Explosive push up

Start in a normal push up position, but with the hands out slightly wider.  Lower down and press up explosively, push quickly and hard enough to get space between the floor and your hands, landing with the hands in a narrower stance. Absorb the landing and then repeat, going from narrow to wide.  This exercise gives you the upper body power to get up quickly.


Start on your hands and knees, with a  neutral spine.  To ensure your spine is in neutral you should have 3 points of contact, sacrum, thoracic spine and crown of your head if you were to hold a straight stick along your spine- you can use a broom stick handle as a reference point to see if you are aligned, which is critical.

This exercises teaches how to move your hip without moving your spine, which mechanically is incorrect and can lead to a number of injuries.  

Extend a leg and learn how to feel your glute moving your leg rather than your lower back.  Once you can do leg , use the opposing arm at the same time as a  progression.    

Backward walking Lunge

The lunge works to strengthen the glute and upper leg muscles and create unilateral stability, which you require as surfing is a unilateral stance sport.   Because in surfing you have a preferred stance, you need to train both ways as the nature of the sport will be to create imbalances, so you need to counteract them as best as you can.  A backward walking lunge is a great exercise to ensure equal strength.

Standing straight step the right foot back, keeping the weight on the front foot though, with both knees drop to 90 degrees.  Step back to meet the left foot, and repeat by stepping back the left foot.

Surfer get ups (has to be last exercise as you build up to it)

Training the brain to perform this motor pattern and refine the movements can be trained on land.  From lying on the floor, practice your pop up, popping up from a baby cobra, explosively to both feet, arms up, in one movement.  Keep the knees bent.  Push the  hips forward to transfer the weight onto the front leg. Carry out in your preferred stance, and then repeat also in your not preferred stance. 

Follow Sophie on Instagram at and join her Girls Fitness Surf Week at The Surf Experience Portugal: 3rd-10th June, 10th-16th June and 24th Sept – 1st October. Head to for further information. 

For more like this, check out the Surf Girl Guide to Surf Fitness available at the Surf Girl Beach Boutique



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