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Sofa to Surf: Get Surf Fit For Summer

Sofa to Surf: Get Surf Fit For Summer

Our favourite time of year is just around the corner

and we’re stoked to be able to take our workouts outside and to the beach. We’ve teamed up with Roxy to bring you our favourite ways to keep fit over summer. It’s all about getting outside, immersing yourself in nature and enjoying it!

By Corinne Evans


Boxing can be done anywhere. All you need are some gloves, pads and boxing buddy. Head to the beach, garden or nearest park and release any inner frustration you may have. Boxing is a great way to get your heart rate up, burn calories and is also an amazing stress buster. Be quick on your feet and mix up the combinations. Check out Kelia and Bruna showing us how it’s done!


Stand Up Paddle Boarding is not only a great way to keep fit when the waves have gone flat, it’s also a wave riding sport in it’s own right and can be really fun to do when there’s swell around. SUP Boards are really versatile and can be used for keep fit in many ways. SUP Yoga is great to do when on a lake and SUP surfing a great when you’re out in the ocean.

Beach Yoga

Be prepared to get sandy but to smile a whole lot! Yoga on the beach is probably one of the most lovely places to practice this wonderful art. Take a yoga mat or leave it at home, whatever your preference just make sure you give it a go on a flat even section of sand. Get creative and above all have fun with it! Try out these yoga routines with Emma Jaulin.

Hypoxic Swim Training (Breath Holding)

Hypoxic training was developed some years ago and can significantly help swimmers and surfers to maintain a smooth stroke and help with those inevitable hold downs. When swimming weekly it’s good to set targets. Week one break every four strokes, week two every 5 all the way to 8 strokes a breath. This can be practiced in the ocean or in the pool. 



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