There’s no doubt about it, what we do on our yoga mats reflects how we move in the water.

I’m Emma, a Roxy Ambassador over here in the UK. With this series of surf specific yoga videos for Sofa to Surf, I’m here to inspire you to move, to move in and out of the water and to create space in your body to move into, simple as that.

I think its safe to say surfers are interested in learning about how to train their bodies to take their surfing to the next level. I work with surfers across the country and internationally, essentially using yoga to up their game! I am not trying to say practicing yoga is better than getting out into the water, of course the the best training for surfing is surfing. But we all know that it demands a lot from the body and can tighten-up and close-off specific areas; developing a yoga practice alongside our surfing is only going to help. Though a yoga practice, potentially starting with these videos we look to strengthen, open and increase mobility, which in turn reduces the potential for injury. Physically yoga has endless benefits, but also if you are open to it, yoga can open and free the mind. Be open to this thought, and allow this to organically evolve using your physical practice as a path. Don’t force it, don’t try to find it, just be. 

So take a look at the videos, please remember these videos are brief introductions to how you can use a yoga practice alongside your surfing. Be aware of your individual body, and any injuries you may be working with at the moment. What works for me or others, may well not work for you, so don’t feel disheartened if something isn’t accessible for you, it may just be the way you are built.

I also have my own super popular set of surf specific yoga videos over on my website. If you have any questions at all or just want to get in touch, head to my website, message me through social or email and I’ll come back to you! Don’t forget if you’re loving the videos check out my series online at and hit Shop Videos.


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