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Sofa To Surf: Get Surf Fit Intro

Sofa To Surf: Get Surf Fit Intro

Amber from Vanhoof Fitness is here to put you through your paces and get you surf fit.

As promised we have teamed up with Amber Van Hoof, from Vanhoof Fitness to bring surf specific workouts you can do in the gym, at home or even on your local beach. Her infections smile and motivating demeanour will hopefully inspire you to give our Sofa to Surf workouts a go, getting you off your butt and into the surf! Amber is not only a fitness instructor and healthy life style fanatic but she is also a keen surfer, so knows exactly what exercises are most beneficial for surfing.

Which is why we’ve teamed up with Amber to bring you a series of workouts which you can do anywhere and we kick off next week. So tune in and get fit surfing!  

Follow Amber at @vanhooffitness

For more surf fitness tips get a copy of The Surf Girl Guide to Surf Fitness available worldwide or at the Beach Boutique 



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