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Sofa to Surf: Making Healthy Choices

Sofa to Surf: Making Healthy Choices

We are kicking off ‘Sofa to Surf’ to get you prepared for 2017. First things first we take a look at healthy choices.

We all know the importance of leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle but sometimes it can be easy to wander off the track onto that slippery slope of an unhealthy diet. A demanding work schedule, or a busy home life are just a couple of examples of how life can get in the way of making you feeling happy and healthy.

Trying to find a balance and make healthy choices can feel difficult at times but your body needs to be in good health especially if you want to push your surfing. A big part of that is being careful about what you put into your body. Wholesome, natural foods will nourish your own energy level. Eating a healthy balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, proteins and complex carbohydrates all contribute to you feeling amazing on the inside. Teaming a healthy diet with exercise and a few other key components will keep you feeling healthy, motivated and full of energy for the new year ahead.

Here are our tips on the healthy choices you can make that can change the way you feel.

Try organic

Organic food is more widely available and more affordable than ever before, which is great news! Support your local shops and where ever possible try and shop at your local farm shop, butchers or green grocer. Make the small step to switching your foods to the organic versions which are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides and better for the environment. Cook as many things are you can from scratch and this year why not even try growing your own organic food?

Find a balance

Life would be pretty dull without the odd treat now and again, so dont deprive yourself of the things you love the most, just have them in moderation. A lot of healthy diets seem to favour the 5:2 rule, eating healthy five days  a week and letting your hair down for the other two. This may work for some people and not for others but which ever way you go about leading a healthy lifestyle make sure you include some time for treats!

Introduce herbs

For centuries herbs have been use to support health and vitality. While a nutritional diet, exercise and rest are essential for maintaining health and energy when you lead a busy, active lifestyle, adding herbs into your daily life can help you feel more balanced and able to cope with the higher levels of physical and mental demands. Densely packed with vitamins and minerals, herbs contain vital nutrients and phytochemical– an active plant substance that has positive effects on the body, mind and emotions. Try adding herbs to a salad, smoothies, or sprinkle on your evening meal, theyre great way to turn a healthy meal into a superfood dish and they can be grown at home.

Drink more water

Water intake is the key to energy and vitality. The importance of staying hydrated throughout the day and especially during exercise, cannot be stressed enough. Surfers are at particular risk of dehydration as you can be exposed to sun for hours with no immediate access to drinking water and you are still susceptible to sweating. Its vital to build up your hydration levels pre and post surf, as surfing without being well hydrated will decrease your energy levels, increase muscle cramps and lead to poorer surfing performance. So make sure you stay hydrated and keep a reusable water bottle with you at all times to ensure you never go without.

Sleep well

Essential for maintaining your health, sleep is the bodies natural cycle of self-restoration. While youre off in the land of nod, your body is busy repairing, detoxifying, rejuvenating and re-balancing. Surfers need sleep to repair muscles and tissues, integrate new knowledge and re-energise. Most adults need around 8 hours of sleep per night, and studies show that having less that 6 hours can cause physical and psychological health problems. Having a good night sleep can have so many positive effects on the body, so make sure you get your beauty sleep. Trying booking up a sleep clinic or download a sleep and meditation app. Also an hour before bedtime switch off your social media and avoid drinking caffeine, your body will thank you for it.



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