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Sofa to Surf kicks off

Sofa to Surf kicks off

SurfGirl’s health and fitness focus to get you ready to take on surfing in 2017!

At SurfGirl we don’t believe in ‘New Year New You’ as you are already pretty cool. But we believe in using the new year as a great opportunity to get mentally and physically ready to take on surfing in 2017.

To help you get off the sofa and into the surf, our health and fitness online Sofa to Surf takeover will bring you expert advice to get you motivated to take on the waves and help you become the best surfer you can be.

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Food and Drink:

It’s hard to break away from your favourite naughty meals and treats in favour of a healthy alternative but to help we have a host of recipes which are not only super yummy but are also healthy, nutritional and easy to make. Delicious and healthy muffin anyone?

Plus top tips on surf nutrition from industry experts and what to eat and when to maximise your surfing performance.

Fitness Workout:

If heading to the gym doesn’t fill you with joy, our fitness and yoga videos ought to get you motivated for a home workout session. Beginner and intermediate yoga fans will love our yoga workouts, taught by Roxy ambassador Emma Jaulin, or if you are in the mood to go a bit harder with your fitness then Amber from Vanhoof Fitness will be putting your through your paces.


Surfing and yoga goes hand-in-hand as physical and mental strength, balance and focus are all key to catching good waves and having a rad time in the water. Get your passports ready for our SurfGirl recommended surf and yoga retreats, ideal for maximising health and wellbeing.

Plus interviews and tips from some of the camps instructors and yoga and surf gurus.

Fitness and Gear:

These SurfGirl guides will bring you the best gear and equipment items to incorporate into your fitness plans and home routines, detailing the benefits in each product and how to use efficiently to streamline your fitness sessions. From yoga blocks and mats to Indo Boards and functional workout gear – not blowing the budget and available on online to purchase now.

Look out for the Sofa to Surf tips and advice over the coming weeks ahead!

To help you get surf fit get a copy of The Surf Girl Guide to Surf Fitness, available worldwide or at the Beach Boutique.




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