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How to Re-Wax Your Board

How to Re-Wax Your Board
Words Abbi Hughes Images Gina Goodman

So previously we have talked about techniques and products that are great for de-waxing your boards. Once all the wax has come off we will need to re-apply a good coat to get back in the water. Here are some great tips to get you going…


When your board is looking its best, check to make sure there are no hidden dings that need a quick fix before re-applying your wax. If there are a couple of small ones don’t fret. You can buy solar repair kits like ‘Phix Doctor’ that are very easy to use and dry swiftly in sunlight.

1. Cross Hatch

Start by marking out your waxing area with a base-coat wax in a cross-hatching pattern. Use a slightly harder wax for this to create a good bump pattern. You want to make sure you wax over the complete area your feet will be placed on. There is nothing worse than slipping off your board on a great wave because you put the wax in the wrong places! Begin by the tail and move up towards the nose. Cross-hatching prepares the surface of the board, creating a base texture for the remainder of the wax to grip onto.




2. Circles
There are loads of waxing techniques you could use, but my favourite is continuous circles over the cross hatch pattern. Be firm to get as much wax as possible over the whole area.

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3.  Top Coat

The top-coat wax should be softer than the basecoat, creating a much stickier surface for your feet to grip to. Top coats are also affected by the water temperature, so be sure to buy the right wax (temperatures are marked on the labels). Apply this wax with the same motion technique as you did with the basecoat.


4. Comb and re-apply
When you surf, small parts of wax will fall off and probably get stuck on your wetsuit. This happens all the time so don’t panic, you haven’t done it wrong. You will therefore have to add a little bit of wax to your board before surfs to account for this. To help stick, you can also use the serrated side of your wax comb over the top of your board in diagonal lines.

Get everything you need to de-wax and re-wax your surfboard at the Beach Boutique.



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