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Five summer surf fitness tips

Five summer surf fitness tips

Photo: ROXYFitness

A big part of surfing is fitness. Feeling strong really helps you to feel in tune with the ocean. If you put in the effort then you’ll reap the rewards which will help unlock your surfing potential and maximise your performance. Here’s our five top tips for budding surfer girls this summer:

• Swim, swim, swim! The most ‘like surfing’ exercise around, swimming is one of the best ways to improve your paddle power and cardiovascular fitness. Get down to your local pool and follow a well developed regime.

Incorporate surf specific exercises that mimic surf movements in your fitness plan. Identify the muscle groups involved and train them! Pulls, pushes, squats, lunges, weights…

• Improve your balance: your perfect point of balance is your perfect point of power. There are great training aids to help with this including the Indo Board or the BOSU Balance Trainer which you will find in lots of gyms.



• Strengthening your core. In surfing terms, a strong core enables you to improve your power, performance and stability which will help you catch waves and surf them with coordinated style. Pilates is a great way of developing your core strength.


Photo: ROXYFitness

• For focus, flexibility and concentration you can’t beat yoga. It’s no use just having the strength to pull yourself onto the wave if you haven’t got the ability to make the drop. Regular yoga classes will help to restore energy levels, keep the mind calm and improve coordination.

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