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Yoga Mat Revamp for Yoga Lovers

Yoga Mat Revamp for Yoga Lovers


The time of plain, dull yoga mats is over! Make way for these colourful, chic yoga mats from Yoga Design Lab which are vibrant, functional and eco friendly at the same time.

The beautiful mats and towels were designed in Bali by a Canadian surfer/yogi named Chad, who sold everything and moved there to launch the idea in 2014. His young brand produces visually stunning, fashion-forward, eco-friendly yoga products designed to inspire.


Soft to touch its an all in one product a combo yoga mat so you don’t have to take both a towel and mat to your practice. The top of the mat has the same grip and sweat absorption of a towel to keep your poses in place. Afterwards you can throw it in the washing machine.


The towels are super soft and compact but still have the same awesome designs. They’re designed for hot yoga so they’re really fast drying and great for laying over your yoga mat. It absorbs sweat to prevent slipping.  They’re also so cool they make an awesome towel for the beach!

These mats and towels are awesome, vibrant, soft, absorbent, and so colourful! Check them out at Beach Boutique they’re available to ship worldwide.



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