My passion is surfing and being in the sea. I guess you could call me and most of my friends Mermaids. But last yearI had an accident with my surfboard, my fin went through my 6mm winter wetsuit and into my leg, just missing my artery. I was very lucky! Then when I was recovering I went skiing and tore my ACL on the same leg. The physio has been hard work, however I’m determined to get back to work and am continuing to persevere…


I knew the water and swimming would be my first step in exercise and I wanted something to look forward to and distract me from thinking of what I can’t do. So I brought my Dream Mermaid Tail, I was so excited waiting for it and was super stoked when it arrived! I love it and everyone who sees me in it does too. It has really helped me, not only for getting stronger and fitter, it has helped with self confidence, especially being off work and injured for some time and has helped motivate me and increase my self esteem through being back in the water, which I love.

After lots of research and seeing that other mermaid schools have evolved around the world, I was determined that this is what I wanted to do and so the idea of the Mayim Mermaid Academy was born. I would like Mayim Mermaid academy to travel to areas Mermaids have not been yet, both in the UK and worldwide and will be setting up a franchise as soon as I can. (Im in Mexico City at the moment and have been mermaiding in the hotel pool.) Mayim Mermaid Academy is going to be governed by the IMSIA  (International Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association) and this month I am going to Germany to be trained to teach by the Phillipines Mermaid Academy, followed by a trip to Gozo with Free Dive UK to receive Level 3 Mermaid Free dive certification. After that we will be launching the Mayim Mermaid Academy.

For more info and updates go to the Mayim Mermaid Academy. See you in the sea, Mermaids!

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