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Fit Kit: getting sweaty in style

Fit Kit: getting sweaty in style




This summer there’s a wealth of technical, stylish fitness wear for women. So there’s no longer any excuse for uninspiring, old sportswear – working out has never looked so good. Using technical materials that are breathable, fast drying, odour resistant, anti-pilling, crease resistant and extra stretchy, these ranges are perfect for yoga, running, stretching and jumping – whatever you’re doing celebrate getting sweaty in style!


Tone up and get surf fit for spring with these great fitness products:

Indo board – the ultimate surf training tool; helps improve balance and coordination, and strengthens leg muscles and ligaments. Available at

Power cord – Power stroke cords are resistant bungee cords that are great for building up your arm strength for paddling. The cords can be changed to improve resistance.

Swiss ball – Swiss balls are perfect for yoga work and can be used for balance and stability exercises, as well as strength and stamina when teamed with a medicine ball.


Outfit Left: O’Neill 365: 365 Island High Neck Halter, £32.99 / 365 Lava Surf Capri, £49.99

Outfit Middle: Billabong Active: In the Moment £55 / Change of Pace, £55

Outfit Right: Roxy Fitness: Cut Back Tank, £30 / Relay Capri, £35





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