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Yoga for Surfers DVD Give Away

Yoga for Surfers DVD Give Away


It’s no secret that the top surfers have been into yoga for a while now, Tom Carroll, Garrett MacNamara, Brian Conley, Taylor Knox… this list goes on (and on) and for many people without the time or courage to get to a class, a yoga for surfers DVD can be a great option.

The Surf and Yoga movement really kicked off in 2002 with Peggy Hall’s hugely popular “Yoga for surfers” DVD. Not only does practicing yoga dramatically improve your surfing performance but it is also almost as addictive as surfing, taping into that incredible feeling when your body tells you that you are doing something that feels so right.

Yoga for Surfers, a collaboration between well known Cornish yoga teacher Georgie Fearn and Tom Roberson, owner of Breakers Surf School based in St Agnes is filmed in North Cornwall.

Years of surfing and yoga experience have gone into this DVD. Georgie has been teaching yoga classes and workshops in the “Anusara” style for over 10 years and is a regular teacher at Surf Solution training camps. Georgie has also surfed for over a decade. Tom Roberson has been surfing since he was 8, teaching others how to do it since 1999 and running his owning surf school for 10 years. Tom and Georgie met in the water in 2008 and did a stint together working at Pure Blue Surf camp in Morocco before having a family together.

This DVD teaches specific stretches to help you learn to jump to your feet every time and for more advanced surfers it will help you do more radical turns and have the confidence to go for bigger waves. It teaches warm up and cool down stretches. It also teaches specific breathing techniques for lengthening your breath capacity.

You can buy Yoga for Surfers online at

Or win a free MP4 buy liking Georgie’s Facebook page at The first 20 people to like the page and PM me their address can expect it through their door!

Here are 6 yoga poses taught in the DVD, along with specialist advice for surfers:




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