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Get Fit For Summer

Get Fit For Summer

Welcome to Shapewell Fitness, I have put together some exercises which will increase your strength, power and speed which will help improve your surfing. These exercises can be done at home or in the gym.

TRX Knees To Chest
(Get your feet in the stirrups, pushing your body away from the floor holding a strong press up position, draw your knees into your chest with speed, then return legs to straight position slowly, maintaining that strong position with the body, Repeat 2-3 sets AMRAP (as many reps as possible) – this can be done with your hands on the bosu to increase intensity, then perform a press up on the bosu as your legs return to make this even more advanced – works core & shoulder strength)

Squats On Bosu with A Twist
(Stand on flat side of Bosu, arms out, slowly squat whilst twisting one way to look over your shoulder, hold 2-3 seconds and return, repeat the other side, do 2-3 sets of 10 each way – to make advanced, squat lower, you can also hold a weight or vipr across your shoulders to advance – works balance, leg & core strength)


Burpees Chest To Floor Pop Ups
(Do this as fast as you can to improve your speed & fitness, Repeat 2-3 sets AMRAP – to advance do a tuck jump at the end – works speed & endurance)
Fitness4 Fitness5

Fitball Rollouts
(Get into plank position with elbows on the ball, keep your body still and move elbows slightly out, then pull ball back, Repeat 2-3 sets AMRAP – works core & shoulder strength)


Fitball Pike
(Get in press up position with your feet on the ball, draw your stomach in and bring ball in as you move up onto your toes into a handstand position slowly, then return, Repeat 2-3 sets AMRAP – advance to a press up at the end of the position – works core, leg & shoulder strength)
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Always consult your doctor before trying new exercises if you have any medical conditions or injuries, ALWAYS make sure you use any balance trainer with care and make sure you have sufficient space around you

Thanks for reading.  Please join my Facebook Group: SurfFit/SkiFit to see more exercises and videos, also to ask questions, post your ideas and make Surf Buddy’s 🙂 Follow my Facebook Page: Shapewell Fitness or follow me on Twitter: @CJShapewell. I offer Personal Training 1 to 1 or in Groups, Nutrition, Sports Massage Therapy, Functional Movement and Injury Rehabilitation also Online Training Packages, In Cardiff, South Wales

Also check out my website for more information:

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