Start 2015 with a bang and make it the year you can boast, “I’m glad I did that!” Determination and focus will take you a long way in 2015, so do something to be proud of.

1. Self-improvement

Sometimes we wish we were someone else. Someone who’s thinner, more confident, fitter, or whatever. Make 2015 the year of trying to achieve your goals, whether it’s having that bikini body you dream of or running a marathon. If you are hankering after a better job this is the year to make it happen. Ask others for their advice, book yourself on a course, or read up on confidence boosting methods. Be proud of your achievements and learn to be happy with yourself in 2015.


2. Declutter

We’ve all got ‘stuff’ spilling out of drawers, cupboards and garages that we can’t let go of. Boards, wetsuits, clothes, shoes you name it and the new year is a great time to get rid of it. For example give your old wetsuit away to someone who may need one, or sell it on eBay it and some money towards your next surf trip. Or if you have something that won’t sell, try to repurpose it and make something useful.

3. Skill swapping

Make the most of your skills by offering to swap yours with others. From dog walking to decorating, to giving someone a surf lesson, swap it for a skill which you aren’t strong on and get someone to fix that DIY nagging problem or whatever it is you need. Skill swapping is the way forward in 2015!


4. Improve your surfing

Surfing’s a hard sport to master so push your confidence levels in 2015 and increase your surfing skills. Get some advice from a surfing mate, or the quickest way to fast-track is to book a lesson with a surf coach. Above all learn to be confident in the water, improve your swimming skills and get fitter – it all helps.

5.Keep tabs on your money

Since the recession our outlook to money has had to change. So with less money around, it’s time to get used to monthly budgeting in 2015. Try not to spend more than you can afford and, if you can, then save – you never know when you may need some extra cash for future projects or that round-the-world ticket. Get an extra job if you have to but don’t be tempted to go into debt because it will take years to pay off.


6. Stay positive

Despite the long dark winter months it’s important to stay on the bright side of life. Stay active and go surfing, walking or cycling – any outdoor activity is good. And try to detox from Facebook and Twitter. Go and visit your friends or family instead because real communication is where it’s at in 2015.

This article appeared in a previous SurfGirl. Words by Louise Searle. Illustrations by Becky Hutchens