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Say hello to Rang-tan

Iceland’s banned Christmas advert that will make you re-think your food shop.

Issue 65 Out Soon

Cold Water Surfing: Tips for Motivation

Winter’s coming, so here’s some tips for embracing the cold with a positive mind.

SurfGirl New Issue: Girl Power Out Now

Fierce soul, brave heart; check out what’s in the new Girl Power issue.

Our playground is amazing

What makes our playground so fab? We talk to some talented photographers.

Expectations vs Reality

We all surf better in our heads than in reality but let’s be cool with it.

Surf Tips: Making a Comeback

If you’ve taken a break from surfing it can be a struggle to get back into it.


Finally it’s been announced that Maya has her new Guinness World Record!

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Winter Wetsuit Guide 2018-19

Check out the latest neoprene to keep you warm over winter.

Swimwear for SurfGirls

From flattering swimsuits and barely-there bikinis to eco friendly swimwear.

Summer Wetsuit guide

Summer’s coming so it’s time to start thinking about a lighter, brighter summer wetsuit

SurfGirl Winter Wetsuits Guide 2016

With winter upon us and the water getting colder by the day, it’s time to start thinking about what neoprene we’ll be rocking in the surf this winter.

SurfGirl Gift Guide

It’s that time of year for giving and receiving, so we’ve compiled a list of goodies that surf girls will simply love.

Understand Wetsuit Technology with Roxy

Get clued up on all the technical aspects of your wetsuit, whether looking to buy a new one or understand what you have, read on to find out what it all means…

Health and Wellbeing

Latest Issue