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Sanuk Welcomes: Lauren Hill

Posted in: Fashion

Lauren Hill is one of our fave surfers, graceful, fun and passionate about the causes she supports. She’s also Sanuk’s newest team rider.

Waves and Workouts Weekend

Posted in: Coaching

A small selection of photo’s showing all the fun in the sun at SurfGirl’s Waves and Workouts Weekend.


Posted in: Art

Kirstine Gottsch unplugs from her corporate life and paints, reconnecting her with her passion for surfing.

We Are Greater Than I

Posted in: Video

This community spirit style video by the World Surf League and Samsung is actually really good!

Fit Kit: getting sweaty in style

Posted in: Fashion

Stylish fitness wear for women – there’s no longer any excuse for uninspiring, old sportswear – working out has never looked so good…


Posted in: Interview

Emilie Layla Lovaine proves that hard work combined with talent pays off.

Posted 24 days ago by SurfGirl


Posted in: Video

Malia Manuel’s new video takes us into, above, and beyond the waves. Check it out …

Posted 28 days ago by SurfGirl

Surfing Etiquette

Posted in: Surfing Tips

Right of way and drop in rules explained.

Posted 29 days ago by SurfGirl

Felicity Palmateer At Big Cow Bombie

Posted in: News

Among the punters catching bombs and breaking legs, 22-year-old Felicity Palmateer creates history by becoming the first female to surf big Cow Bombie.

Posted 29 days ago by SurfGirl

On The Road Food Recipes

Posted in: Lifestyle

When travelling on a budget there’s no need to eat noodles every night. Here’s some tasty tips!

Posted 29 days ago by SurfGirl

How to Re-Wax Your Board

Posted in: Surfboards

Great tips for board care this summer, how to re-wax your board.

Posted 30 days ago by SurfGirl

Roxy’s #RUNSUPYOGA Comes to Newquay

Posted in: Exercise

How excited are we? The Roxy #RUNSUPYOGA for the Newquay registration is open, entry is free but tickets are limited, so sign up now!

Posted 30 days ago by SurfGirl

Chill Out With Ice Cream

Posted in: Food

The weather’s heating up and we need cooling down! So here’s how to make icecream the natural way.

Posted 31 days ago by SurfGirl

10 Board Challenge 2015

Posted in: Contests

Sarah Bentley and Alexa Poppe’s Ten Board challenge was a great success over the weekend.

Posted 31 days ago by SurfGirl

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