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Issue 49

The new SurfGirl is out at the end of the week. Here’s a few things from the latest jam packed issue. Get your copy in print or digital versions! We follow the road less travelled… Meet the girls who surf for a living… Chat with surfer and Playboy cover girl Janna Honscheid and feminist Lauren Hill all aboard the Play Boat! Go where the wild things are… Check out the latest slope styles… Take a peak at lots of great gift ideas for Christmas! And look at ways of staying bright and cheery through the dark winter months 🙂...

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Issue 48

The next stacked issue of SurfGirl is out on August 1st. Follow your passions and be creative is the theme for the this issue. We focus on people who are creative and make things happen and meet some inspirational people. Travel to the Ivory Coast with Lee Ann Curren and her legendary dad Tom. Take look at ladies who experiment with all kinds of wave craft from retro boards to hand planes. Summer’s not over yet so we mix and match with style. We get creative for Keep-A-Breast Subscribe here and get it delivered to your door worldwide....

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Issue 47

This issue we’re all about inspirational summer! We travel to the Maldives with Corinne Evans and Hannah Harding, the place where surfing dreams come true and chat to Amy Kotch, Jo Dennison and Easkey Britton about their commitment to surfing.   In our Summer Style Swimwear Guide we show off some of the coolest swimwear on offer for surf girls this season for both chilling at the beach and surfing in. There’s lots of tips for rocking your bikini body at the beach this summer through healthy eating and exercise plus we’re talking how to feel comfortable in your own...

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Issue 46

The new issue is out this week!          This issue we’re all about feeling the love! Keeping connected through surfing with each other – sisters, mothers, daughter, lovers and the friendships we make along the way.   Feeling the love for the planet we look at how to do our bit to help preserve it and check out cool things made from plastic and upcycled stuff. It’s springtime so we suggest ways of getting back on it with some great beach fitness, pilates and yoga tips. Plus healthy eating recipes that aren’t boring!   We check out the raddest summer...

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Issue 45

  The themes of it are surf, create, explore and live with the emphasis on the creative side of surfing. So we focus on strong, independent women, look at surfers and their surroundings through their creative photographers lens, and travel to some off the beaten track destinations where you normally wouldn’t expect to see surf or even want to surf plus some great ideas for winter travel at more regular surf spots. Plus we look at living in the winter with food and recipe tips, fitness and well being advice, lots of fashion inspiration and gear for both the...

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