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Emerald Odyssey


Great to see pro surfer Courtney Conlogue surfing Ireland’s cold, powerful waves.

Summer Sun


The Roxy pro surf team, chill and surf at some of Cali’s most iconic beaches.

Boardmasters begins in 5 days!


Start getting excited for five days of everything sun, sea, surf, sweet music and chilled out beach vibes. Boardmasters Festival, 5-9 August 2015!

I’m A Real Life Mermaid


Growing up Erin, Lauren, and Katie were obsessed by mermaids and they work at the Florida Aquarium…as mermaids!

Posted 37 days ago by SurfGirl

Heavy Waves, Wipeouts & Teahupoo On Fire


Teahupoo is a heavy, crazy wave but this week was crazier than most. Keala rides the heaviest wave ever and JOB is on fire – literally!

Posted 43 days ago by SurfGirl

Malia Manuel is Unreasonable


Watch Malia Manuel ripping in Unreasonable, “What’s next in women’s surfing? I think it’s going to blow your mind!”

Posted 46 days ago by SurfGirl

My Bikini Goes to Mexico


The Rip Curl girls, Alana, Tyler, Pauline, Nikki and Brisa, totally rip it up in Mexico.

Posted 52 days ago by SurfGirl

Sanuk Welcomes: Lauren Hill


Lauren Hill is one of our fave surfers, graceful, fun and passionate about the causes she supports. She’s also Sanuk’s newest team rider.

Posted 52 days ago by SurfGirl

Zombie Surf Video


Think you’ve seen everything? Well you have now!

Posted 53 days ago by SurfGirl

We Are Greater Than I


This community spirit style video by the World Surf League and Samsung is actually really good!

Posted 59 days ago by SurfGirl



Malia Manuel’s new video takes us into, above, and beyond the waves. Check it out …

Posted 64 days ago by SurfGirl

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