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Four Minutes of Stoke


Incredible surfing of some of the best surf spots in the world captured in this one compilation.

Bikinis on in Norway!


Hoddevik has a new womens surf team H Bay! Take a look at this funny spoof video by the Norwegian girls.

The Pursuit of Saltiness


Cool tune, great footage – what’s not to love about The Pursuit of Saltiness? It’s a fun road trip film, love it.

Edges of Sanity


Edges of Sanity is a haunting and beautiful film of cold water surfing. Narrated by Charles Dance it’s mesmerising.

Posted 64 days ago by SurfGirl

SUP Carnage!


OMGEE! Crashes and carnage at the Battle of the Paddle 2014, Salt Creek, California.

Posted 70 days ago by SurfGirl

The Single Session


Rip Curl’s Tyler Wright, Pauline Ado and Nikki Van Dijk trade perfect barrels in a single session in Mexico.

Posted 88 days ago by SurfGirl

Ocean Film Festival 2014


If you love the ocean and you enjoy a good film then you won’t want to miss out on this!

Posted 94 days ago by SurfGirl

Kelly Says: Serial Killers


The Kelly Says Girls have been entered into the newest category at the London Surf / Film Festival.

Posted 105 days ago by SurfGirl

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