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If you’re finding it hard to get out the back then it’s time to think about perfecting your technique.

Keep it Local!


Find out why Roxy ambassador, surf coach and yoga instructor Nat Fox says keep it local!

Facing Your Fears in the Sea


To help boost your confidence, Georgina van Dijk investigates how to deal with fear when surfing.

Posted 95 days ago by SurfGirl

How to De-Wax your Board


It’s time to spring clean your surfboard, here’s how to give your board a little TLC this easter.

Posted 97 days ago by SurfGirl

SurfGirl Summer Wetsuit Guide


We love the feeling of freedom that thinner wetsuits bring, here’s a round up of the best on offer this summer.

Posted 103 days ago by SurfGirl

Improve your Pop-Ups!


Want to improve your surfing? Here’s some exercises to help improve your strength and fitness for an explosive pop up.

Posted 104 days ago by SurfGirl

Why We love Tyler!


We’re big fans of Tyler, she’s a huge inspiration, Corinne Evans explains why.

Posted 104 days ago by SurfGirl

Meet Ashley Rosas Surf Photographer


East coaster Ashley takes cool surf photos near her home in NJ. She says “Shooting surfing images is probably the only thing that makes me happy.”

Posted 114 days ago by SurfGirl

Women’s Surfing Turns a Corner


On the eve of the women’s surf tour starting in Australia, we ask has women’s surfing finally turned a corner? There are positive signs it has.

Posted 117 days ago by SurfGirl

Salt Water Sirens – Courtney Conlogue


Billabong’s Salt Water Series gives us an intimate look into the journey that has transformed Courtney from an athlete to an icon.

Posted 121 days ago by SurfGirl

Body Image: How Surfing Helps


Step outside your comfort zone, surf and fitness coach Tehillah McGuinness explains the benefits of surfing and fitness.

Posted 140 days ago by SurfGirl

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