SurfGirl Surfing

Surf Forever


Gillian Bowman thought the experience of surfing was so amazing that she wants to do it forever! Here is her story…

Surfboard Bags


Which bag is right for you? Here we look at day-to-day, storage and travel.

Billabong Surf House Tour


Love looking around other people’s houses? Then check out the Billabong House on the North Shore, definitely got beach house envy!

Quiet Times


Springs arrived, enjoy the quiet times.

Posted 27 days ago by SurfGirl

Design Guide : Tail Shapes


Would you like to know more about different board design? Start with understanding tail shapes here …

Posted 33 days ago by SurfGirl

Surfboard Design Guide


Understand the lingo; here are the components of your surfboard explained.

Posted 38 days ago by SurfGirl

What lies beneath …


Lots of plastic! Help Bali clean up its act and sign the ‘Bye Bye Plastic Bags’ petition.

Posted 70 days ago by SurfGirl

Our Ocean Valentine


How can we show the ocean our love? Here’s a few suggestions…

Posted 71 days ago by SurfGirl

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