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Sports massage for surfers


Want to learn more about sports massage therapy? How it feels and how to apply it? Then come along to the Waves and Workouts Weekend!

Wetsuit Love


Here’s a way to show your wetsuit some love if it’s got a bit pongy!

Pro Talk: Laura Enever


Billabong team rider Laura Enever talks about surfing, being on tour and getting the life/work balance right.

Posted 50 days ago by SurfGirl

Explore the Sea from Your Home


Google releases amazing underwater street view for World Oceans Day. Explore life under the sea from the comfort of your home.

Posted 51 days ago by SurfGirl

Drama at the Fiji Women’s Pro


Rookie Tatiana Weston-Webb was the standout of the day, while Sally Fitzgibbons suffered a perforated eardrum in the heavy conditions.

Posted 57 days ago by SurfGirl



Jessie Tuckman feels inspired by how colourful the surf world is at the moment.

Posted 62 days ago by SurfGirl

Jo Dennison on a Roll


Surf coach Jo Dennison is one of the fittest surfers we know, plus she’s just won the Welsh Champs again so it was a good time for a chat.

Posted 64 days ago by SurfGirl

Body Image


Is this what people really want? Well if Stab Magazine and Niki Van Dijk have anything to do with it then yes, unfortunately, it is.

Posted 69 days ago by SurfGirl

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