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Pop Up Practice


Get down and give us twenty! Or perhaps ten is more achievable. No matter how many, do it daily to see results in and out of the water.

Winter Wetsuit Buying Tips


Staying warm in the sea during the winter is down to a good fitting wetsuit. Here’s some tips for buying your new wetty.

Surf warm up and stretch


Jessie Tuckman takes us through some useful stretch and warm up exercises.

Posted 275 days ago by SurfGirl

Beginner Gidget Tips

Surfing Tips

Top 10 pop up tips for the beginner Gidget by Claudia Hirschberger.

Posted 325 days ago by SurfGirl

How do you deal with fear?


Surfer Georgina Van Dijk asks – how do you deal with fear in the water?

Posted 1 year, 49 days ago by SurfGirl

Learn to Duck Dive with Holly Beck


How to duck dive with Holly Beck pro surfer and coach at Surf With Amigas, who explains how to do it in easy steps.

Posted 1 year, 55 days ago by SurfGirl

Portuguese Perfection

Surfing Tips

Peniche in Portugal is one of the best places you can visit for quality surf in the spring. Here’s the lowdown on the area and the local surf camp, Baleal.

Posted 1 year, 85 days ago by SurfGirl

Equipment for Surfing


Once you’ve got the basics of surfing you’ll need some equipment, here’s some helpful pointers.

Posted 1 year, 189 days ago by SurfGirl

Highs + Lows


The world of Kook Surfer – Alexandra Dahl

Posted 2 years, 174 days ago by SurfGirl

A Warming Winter Soup


Flasks aren’t just for tea and coffee… they are totally underutilised, especially in these colder climates…try this soup for when you get out of the surf. It will warm you up!

Posted 2 years, 182 days ago by SurfGirl

45 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Surf…


In a vain effort to be informative as well as entertaining here’s a handy For and Against list of points you need to consider if you would like to be a surfer.

Posted 2 years, 247 days ago by SurfGirl

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