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Wetsuit Buying Made Easy


Now the water is getting colder, neoprene is your friend. Here’s some tips on how to buy your perfect wetsuit.

Wetsuit Love


Here’s a way to show your wetsuit some love if it’s got a bit pongy!

Predicting Perfection


Understanding basic swell forecasting to catch the perfect waves in the perfect conditions.

Surfing with Butterflies

Surfing Tips

Georgina van Dijk investigates how to deal with fear when surfing.

Posted 278 days ago by SurfGirl

Surfboard Deck Grips Tips


Traction pads, deck grips, tailpads … learn more about this handy piece of hardware.

Posted 283 days ago by SurfGirl

Design Guide : Tail Shapes


Would you like to know more about different board design? Start with understanding tail shapes here …

Posted 319 days ago by SurfGirl

Surfboard Design Guide


Understand the lingo; here are the components of your surfboard explained.

Posted 324 days ago by SurfGirl

Surf Tips for Surf girls

Surfing Tips

Here’s some common problems and solutions to help beginner surfers start to rip up the waves.

Posted 337 days ago by SurfGirl

Ding Repair: Do it yourself


Do you have a ding on your board and want to know how to fix it yourself?

Posted 1 year, 18 days ago by SurfGirl

Winter Wetsuit Buying Tips


Staying warm in the sea during the winter is down to a good fitting wetsuit. Here’s some tips for buying your new wetty.

Posted 1 year, 49 days ago by SurfGirl

Surf warm up and stretch


Jessie Tuckman takes us through some useful stretch and warm up exercises.

Posted 1 year, 169 days ago by SurfGirl

Beginner Gidget Tips

Surfing Tips

Top 10 pop up tips for the beginner Gidget by Claudia Hirschberger.

Posted 1 year, 219 days ago by SurfGirl

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