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H is for Henna


Henna’s the natural way to adorn your body with art as SurfGirl found out this week.

First Time


On a trip to Costa Rica, Kailee DiMeglio found out that learning to shoot in the sea was so much fun and the results are stunning.



Kirstine Gottsch unplugs from her corporate life and paints, reconnecting her with her passion for surfing.

Target Maui Pro Kicks Off


The final stop on the ASP WCT got underway yesterday, Tyler Wright was on top form heading into the championship showdown.

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Posted 1 year, 213 days ago by SurfGirl

Earthy Elements


18 year old Paige is inspired by nature in her homeland of South Africa which inspires her artworks.

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Posted 1 year, 248 days ago by SurfGirl

Victoria Jones #dailydrawing


Surfer and illustrator Victoria Jones is showcasing her work at Cafe Irie this month.

Posted 1 year, 312 days ago by SurfGirl



Need a SurfGirl-fix in-between issues? Don’t worry, head to Amazine and check out what we’ve been up to.

Posted 2 years, 15 days ago by SurfGirl

Behind the Tide


Behind The Tide is a surf documentary showing a different perspective of the surf culture, it’s very cool!

Posted 2 years, 28 days ago by SurfGirl

Toby Ray – From The Board


An exciting collection of previously unseen work by renowned local surfscape artist Toby Ray is to be unveiled at the […]

Posted 2 years, 35 days ago by SurfGirl

Blue, A Surf Novel


Who doesn’t love a good read? There’s an exciting new surf novel out next month, Blue by Lisa Glass.

Posted 2 years, 44 days ago by SurfGirl

Putting the Style into Lifestyle


Fashion photography student Rosie Milan gives us the lowdown on life as a student at Falmouth Uni.

Posted 2 years, 78 days ago by SurfGirl

Surfland: Joni Sternbach


Here’s an interview with New York photographer Joni Sternbach, who features in the latest issue of SurfGirl with her stunning images.

Posted 2 years, 148 days ago by SurfGirl

California Vision


A black and white travelogue of California.

Posted 2 years, 176 days ago by SurfGirl

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