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Surfsaurus – the surfing lingo

Posted in: Lifestyle

Sweet, rad, filthy…here’s a short summary of important words to help you communicate with the other surfing folk. Words by Gemma Boothroyd

GroundSwell Girls Surf Session

Posted in: Surfing

Groundswell Girls Surf Sessions are aimed at getting young girls into the water and reaping the benefits of surfing.

Posted 10 days ago by SurfGirl

Sanuk Welcomes: Lauren Hill

Posted in: Competitions

Feel good! A short video of new Sanuk rider Lauren Hill: The Happy Surfer

Posted 10 days ago by SurfGirl

Love your body!

Posted in: Lifestyle

How the perfect beach body comes with a healthy but happy lifestyle. Words by Gemma Boothroyd

Posted 10 days ago by SurfGirl

SurfAid: Making A Difference

Posted in: News

SurfAid was born out of a desire to help others and in the 15 years since they started, they’ve done just that.

Posted 11 days ago by SurfGirl

SurfGirl Comp: Design your own surfboard

Posted in: Art

An exciting surfboard design competition that could bring your ideas to life with the chance to win a set of Boardstix pens to recreate your design on your own board.

Posted 11 days ago by SurfGirl

Ren’s Surf Inspired Atlantic TV Series

Posted in: Video

Welsh surfer and Director Renee Godfrey’s love of surfing inspired her during the making of Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth.

Posted 13 days ago by SurfGirl

The Humble Flip Flop

Posted in: Fashion

Why flip flops are a surfer’s Holy Grail. Words by Gemma Boothroyd

Posted 15 days ago by SurfGirl

How to be vegan and healthy

Posted in: Food

Here are 10 top vegan, protein-rich foods that will benefit you in and out of the water reports Laurie Newman.

Posted 16 days ago by SurfGirl

25 Years of Roxy: Steph Gilmore

Posted in: Video

The untouchable Stephanie Gilmore, has raised the bar of women’s surfing with her powerful, fluid style. We’re in awe!

Posted 17 days ago by SurfGirl

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