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La Maestra, A Unique Film

Posted in: Surfing

A young Mexican woman changes and inspires her small Baja fishing village by following her own path.

Earthy Elements

Posted in: Art

18 year old Paige is inspired by nature in her homeland of South Africa which inspires her artworks.

The Pursuit of Saltiness

Posted in: Video

Cool tune, great footage – what’s not to love about The Pursuit of Saltiness? It’s a fun road trip film, love it.

Edges of Sanity

Posted in: Video

Edges of Sanity is a haunting and beautiful film of cold water surfing. Narrated by Charles Dance it’s mesmerising.

Winter Wanderer

Posted in: Surfing

Want to get away for the winter months? Endless. Summer. Dream!

SUP Carnage!

Posted in: Video

OMGEE! Crashes and carnage at the Battle of the Paddle 2014, Salt Creek, California.

Posted 16 days ago by SurfGirl

Beauty in the Ocean

Posted in: News

Cali photographer Amy Johnston shoots stunning photos, The Wedge at Newport and wants to encourage girls to get in there.

Posted 17 days ago by SurfGirl

Beach Workout Tips

Posted in: Exercise

Try out some of Jessie’s exercises for a pre-surf beach workout!

Posted 17 days ago by SurfGirl

Two Weeks Until Byron Bay Surf Festival

Posted in: News

Less than two weeks until the awesome Byron Bay Surf Festival opens. Expect arts, crafts, surf culture, music and plenty of good vibes!

Posted 17 days ago by SurfGirl

A huge step forward for British Surfing

Posted in: News

It’s a great time for British Surfing as Surfing GB has achieved Stage 1 (of 2) for the Application for Governing Body. Such a great step for the British surfers!

Posted 20 days ago by SurfGirl

Berry Nice Ideas to Try

Posted in: Food

Autumn is here and picking blackberries from the hedgerows is such a lovely thing to do. But what do you do with them afterwards?

Posted 24 days ago by SurfGirl

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