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Winter Surf Trip Sunnies

Posted in: Fashion

Sunglasses aren’t just for summer, so we’ve choose some great shades for winter surf trips.

The Slyder Cup Returns to the UK

Posted in: Surfing

This finless surf competition celebrates the fins free freaks of body surfers, belly boarders, mat riders and the alaia riders.

A Time for Gifts

Posted in: Fashion

With only a month to go until the Big Day, it’s time to get some Christmas gift inspiration…happy shopping!

SurfGirl Issue 53 Out Now

Posted in: SurfGirl magazine

We go on a cold water adventure as we meet surf girls who surf from at the edge of the Arctic Circle to the North-West Pacific

The Search For Freedom

Posted in: Video

The Search for Freedom is a stunning film of extreme sports enthusiasts, who do what makes them feel alive.

Pop Up Practice

Posted in: Surfing

Get down and give us twenty! Or perhaps ten is more achievable. No matter how many, do it daily to see results in and out of the water.

Posted 9 days ago by SurfGirl

Bruna, A Short Film

Posted in: Video

Bruna Schmitz came from a small fishing community in Brazil, which she left to follow her dreams of being a pro surfer. Here’s her story.

Posted 12 days ago by SurfGirl

Mac & Cheese, Serious Winter Food

Posted in: Lifestyle

You can’t get a better example of proper winter food than mac and cheese. Here’s Myles’ tried and tested formula from Surf Cafe Living.

Posted 12 days ago by SurfGirl

Surfboards: Which board is best for me?

Posted in: Surfing

Want to buy a new board but not sure what shape you should go for? Check out Serra Surfboards, designed with girls in mind.

Posted 13 days ago by SurfGirl

Listen to: Justine Mauvin

Posted in: Music

Justine Mauvin is a talented surfer and Roxy model. Here’s a track from her new EP.

Posted 15 days ago by SurfGirl

Maya Gabeira takes on Nazaré – again

Posted in: Surfing

After an horrific near drowning experience two years ago, Maya Gabeira takes on Nazaré once again! Could you face your fear?

Posted 16 days ago by SurfGirl

Winter fashion from dawn to dusk…

Posted in: Fashion

Beach bonfires, jumpers, crunchy leaves and chilly surfs. Winter’s here so wrap up whilst still looking stylish, from dawn to dusk we’ve got your wardrobe sorted.

Posted 19 days ago by SurfGirl

Winter Fitness Inspiration

Posted in: Exercise

So it’s getting darker in the mornings and evenings but don’t let that stop you from keeping fit, find some inspiration in our helpful pointers.

Posted 21 days ago by SurfGirl

Lucy Campbell Champions at Thurso

Posted in: Surfing

An eventful UK Pro Surf Tour at Thurso, Lucy Campbell takes the title and Peony Knight champions the U-18’s.

Posted 21 days ago by SurfGirl

Tea yourself to better skin

Posted in: Lifestyle

Here’s some tips from naturopath Sam Bass on how to drink tea and better your complexion.

Posted 26 days ago by SurfGirl

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